Rock is Better Off Dead

Kiss up and rub up and feel up on you

Days like this always remind me of Smallville. I'm not sure why, maybe because when I lived in Cedar Rapids it was times like this that I'd open the windows and watch the show, or take my first walks with complete freedom while thinking about the episodes I just binge watched. It's been a while but associations stay around for a long time.

There's so much to write, but I don't feel much like writing it. Mostly, I noticed I haven't updated since 2015 but the appeal of remembering things isn't there any more. Not that what I have is necessarily bad, just... I've been through it once already, you know?

I've been sick for a while now. I developed a severe cold exactly twenty days ago which exacerbated long-dormant asthma, which prolonged the cold, which... Anyway, I've been MIA a lot since the show I assistant directed ended so I could rest and recuperate. Patrick and I have been playing Gears of War 3 co-op together (terrible game, but it's nice mindless distraction for two sick people) and Lemongrab has been avoiding me because coughing is apparently a personal offense to him. Progress is being made, though, and I'm hoping to get into costuming the two shows I've agreed to design and generally be a human again. I miss walks.

This past weekend I was filmed for a music video. It was a great experience, sans the nagging cough that I could barely stave off enough for the cameras to roll on me. The first day we worked in front of a green screen and got some shots that will be of my face getting melted off by lasers, and the second day I arrived to Ottumwa early AF to have the upper half of my body painted green for my Alien Queen role. It took two hours but I looked unrecognizable and filming was a complete blast. I love the guys I got to work with, and learning how different film is from live theatre has been really interesting. I still don't know which I prefer, the instant gtratification of film is more my style but I feel so disconnected from the project when it doesn't take six weeks and constant rehearsals to get to know the characters, words, and movements. Anyway, I was cast as the lead in two more of their short films, one involving some frontal nudity but fuck it, this is what you do when you want to work in horror. And goddamn I want to work in horror. These are good people too, I trust them and feel comfortable around them, I was respected the entire weekend when I was getting makeup done and when the director wanted to film my booty.

I'm finally learning how to drive, sort of. We have our first vehicle, and I've driven it a few times, but between my prolonged illness and Patrick's reluctance to go anywhere, really, I'm very out of practice with it. Soon, though, I'll have a license and can pick up more acting opportunities in cities other than this once without relying on someone else for transportation like I did just this past weekend, although a two hour drive would honestly be bullshit alone, especially in rural Iowa where the radio stations stop being top forty and start playing church sermons.

I think Patrick would be open to rewatching Smallville with me.